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We provide workshops in over 50 countries supporting multi-national businesses across the globe.

About us

We believe that negotiation is one of the most important skills in business

Every member of The Gap Partnership team shares a fascination with the art and science of negotiation. From planning, dynamics and strategies, to psychology, tactics and behaviours, our practical experience and wealth of knowledge enable us to build capability, build negotiation strategies and even facilitate negotiations through to successful conclusions.

Above all, by recognising that you are dealing with a human being and not a corporate brand - what we call 'getting inside the other person's head' - we can give you and your team a competitive advantage.

Why The Gap Partnership

Everyone at The Gap Partnership believes in and lives the integrity that underpins our work and our client relationships: trust, accountability, sustainability and foresight and are all critical to the sustainability of our client relationships.


We deliver results and always maintain the utmost integrity - discretion is built in to the way we work. We recognise and respect our client sensitivities, which is why we work to the strictest of confidentiality agreements. We know just how much trust underpins true collaboration to create ongoing value in negotiation.


We believe that accountability is essential. And results are everything. We understand that you want to be certain that your investment in our relationship will offer you a quantifiable return.  So we've developed an online return on investment method that quantifies the change in you or your company's performance - giving you a clear way to measure results and improvements in behaviour.

We offer a ten-fold ROI guarantee on our The Complete Skilled Negotiator Programme.


Our role is to help you secure the results you want, by optimising every aspect of your performance. Our experienced professional negotiators can help you maximise your negotiation outcomes - and keep changes embedded in the culture and processes of your organisation, in the long-term.


To stay ahead of the game, all of our consultants are committed to keeping up to date with current practices and evolving techniques. Many of them have produced publications, expanding on their specialist areas of negotiation. You can access some of their foresight  through eGap, our online portal. We are dedicated to looking ahead, creating innovation through our products and improving the methodology of how they are taught and applied.

Strengthening your approach

Our workshops allow you to understand how people, power and process influence negotiations, and how you can strengthen your position.