We are The Gap Partnership and we believe that of all the skills required in business, there’s one that transcends all the rest – negotiation.

We develop negotiation skills to change behaviour and achieve measurable results through negotiation workshops, practical planning and advice in your negotiations.

Every member of The Gap Partnership and I share a fascination with, and a passion for, the art and science of negotiation: from planning, dynamics and strategies, to the psychology, tactics and behaviours that underpin the performance of every successful negotiator. 

When The Gap Partnership was formed in 1997, the vision I had then remains true to this day: We specialise – wholly and exclusively – in negotiation. It’s this focus and clarity of approach that allows us to impart our in-depth knowledge to you, the client, without distraction.

We are ‘Nothing but Negotiation.’

We always measure ourselves by the results achieved by our clients, since that’s what counts in the real world.  We’re not academics, we’re not theorists, we’re not even ‘trainers’, in the conventional sense.  First and foremost, all of our consultants are skilled negotiators in their own right, with a deep understanding of business dynamics; and it’s this invaluable real-world experience and in-depth knowledge that is transferred to your organisation.

That means that we understand your ambitions, your pressures, your need to perform at the highest possible level in an ever-changing economic climate; that’s why we provide the tools to ensure you and your teams are best equipped to accomplish your goals.


Our proposition is clear:

-          Quality and consistency

-          No franchises, no associates

-          An employed team of global negotiation practitioners

-          Always accountable - our approach guarantees a ten-fold return on investment

-          We deliver in 13 languages in over 50 countries

-          Workshop-based negotiation skills development

-          Negotiation Consulting

-          Comprehensive blended learning activities deliver continuous professional development

-          Trusted business partner to over 700 corporate clients


Steve Gates

Founder and CEO