We work by your side - and on your side.

We'll help you to identify the processes where negotiation can really pay dividends, and we'll help you make sure you that you achieve your objectives in days and weeks, not months. Importantly, we will ensure that the changes made are sustainable and that your business relationships are managed responsibly.

achieve\r\nyour\r\nobjectives\r\nin\r\ndays\r\nand\r\nweeks,\r\nnot months

Our negotiating expertise and practical experience allow us to operate, if necessary, across the entire commercial function of your business.

We understand the need for stakeholder management, escalation strategies, relationship mapping and the sequencing of negotiated agreements with multiparty negotiations. We're sensitive to relationships. We recognise that successful negotiation frequently depends on keeping the lines of communication open and not alienating your business partners. However, creative negotiation can not only provide mutual incremental opportunity, but can also provide for more robust agreements.

We'll develop proposals and build your negotiation strategy, including contingency planning. We project manage the process, log progress and cross-reference against the plan to ensure that we deliver the result.

Our core skill is the ability to achieve difficult results whilst working in a fragile and sensitive environment, and we recognise that trust, diplomacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance.

Most importantly, our commitment to accountability means your return on investment is always a key factor.