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eGap: Online TNA, continuous professional development and return on investment measurement.
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Online negotiation development resource - Introducing eGap

Learning doesn't stop when the workshops end

eGap is our online portal that offers you knowledge and insight 24/7 at your fingertips.

eGap is home to an extensive resource library, containing videos, planning tools, audio content and the latest thinking on the discipline, application and practice of negotiation.

Both before and as a  follow-on from your negotiation workshop, eGap acts as a continuous professional development resource, with materials to support and recap the areas covered in your workshop together with online tools that will help you:

•    Measure your return on investment
•    Provide negotiation capability benchmarking across your business
•    Support your internal capability programme

You'll also have access to our behavioural profiler, designed to measure your understanding as a negotiator prior to attending a workshop. It will also help identify areas of strength and development afterwards. With a full range of comprehensive learning resources, eGap fulfils our commitment to provide significant long term behavioural improvement.


GapTools is The Gap Partnership's set of advanced online negotiation planning tools, designed to support strategic negotiation planning and tactical preparation. These concise and impactful tools provide you with the opportunity to plan negotiations online with other colleagues and remote groups from within your business, build strategies, map planned trade-offs and record proposals in real time. The tools allow you to view and track negotiations globally and they therefore enable corporate governance over the commercial deals.

To find out more watch the video below.


eGap provides continuing professional development, enhancing our promise to deliver significant behavioral change. eGap is much more than an online course. Below are just a few examples of our resources.

What is eGap?

What is eGap?