Simply the best experiential negotiation workshops and development programmes in the world – according to our clients. Our global team of negotiation practitioners have been trained to the highest standards to ensure our negotiation workshops and solutions equip you to approach every commercial negotiation with confidence. We put you, and your teams, in charge, enabling you to achieve a sustainable step-change in your negotiation capability and most importantly, your performance. We offer far more than any ‘traditional’ negotiation training or negotiation course.

Because we are negotiation practitioners we are able to provide solutions relevant to your business: from purchasing and procurement to sales and marketing. In fact, we have practical negotiation workshops to suit all needs and at all levels.


The Complete Skilled Negotiator Workshop

The Complete Skilled Negotiator is The Gap Partnership’s most comprehensive behavioural workshop. Attendees experience first-hand how to plan, manage relationships, solve problems, create value and handle the tough situations which require high levels of self-awareness. What really differentiates this workshop is the psychology of negotiation which is central to feeling more comfortable with being uncomfortable; becoming a conscious competent negotiator and negotiating in the appropriate way that suits your business relationship. You will be taken on an emotional journey, which will leave you better equipped no matter what the commercial negotiation scenario.

This journey covers all aspects of the negotiations your teams will face and explores them on every level: emotionally, tactically and commercially. It takes you where every negotiator needs to operate – “from inside the other party’s head.”  We also recognise that different situations require negotiators to adapt their behaviour to realise the optimum value from each agreement. There are many ways to negotiate: No right, no wrong,  no good no bad but usually one that is appropriate to your circumstances. The Complete Skilled Negotiator helps you to adopt the most appropriate strategy and will help you manage the uniqueness of each negotiation you are involved in. For In-house programmes, we provide a total blended solution around The Complete Skilled Negotiator which involves online support, comprehensive follow-up coaching and retraining to help ensure that the change we can help you with is sustainable. 

Our unique approach also  guarantees you a ten-fold return on investment.

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The Creative Negotiator Workshop

The Creative Negotiator is exclusively available for those who have already attended The Complete Skilled Negotiator workshop. The Creative Negotiator is for those who are empowered to negotiate around a broad range of issues. From the fundamental variables of price, payment, quality and volume to risk, performance, compliance offering less obvious but still critical elements of the total value package. This workshop helps you to focus on lateral and creative thinking allowing you to approach each negotiation with a ‘total value mindset’.  The two day workshop helps you to develop the behaviours and mindset required to overcome what can be seen as conflicting positions and craft sustainable agreements that generate incremental value.  

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The Strategic Negotiator Workshop

The Strategic Negotiator is for those with a high level of negotiation competence and focuses on the most critical and often the most neglected aspect of negotiation – planning.  The workshop enables you to take full control of your negotiation environment through high-level planning and preparation. This involves calculating the balance of power and assessing realistically the strategies available to you, analysing risk, understanding and accommodating stakeholders, forming strategies and building clear contingencies linked to triggers and time lines.  As part of attending this two day workshop you will also have the opportunity to work on and prepare for one of your pending negotiations. 

As part of attending the workshop you are provided access to the strategic suite of GapTools, our online planning toolkit which will help you and your teams plan for each of your future negotiations.

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Consulting is unique, in that it has one fundamental purpose: to help you develop practical, implementable strategies for your important negotiations.  

Each of our consultants recognise and understand the importance of client and supplier relationships and help you prepare a pragmatic, bespoke approach to your pending negotiation.

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The New Negotiator Workshop

For many, The New Negotiator workshop is their first formal experience of negotiation skills development. The insights and feedback they receive equips attendees to negotiate effectively in any situation.

The New Negotiator is aimed at those responsible for gaining agreement and as yet have limited levels of authority – such as those new to buying or procurement or account management.  This two day experiential workshop, provides the practical negotiation skills to plan and negotiate agreements. Each attendee is given the insight and understanding to negotiate across a range of scenarios. They will also receive 360 degree feedback, access to the online planning tools and further resources via eGap. Although this is designed as our entry workshop, attendees will find it provides far more than other such negotiation training or negotiation courses available.

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