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  • Microsoft pays a $140m tax evasion fine to Chinese authorities

    A report in Xinhua – China’s official news channel – referred to a company “whose name starts with ‘M‘”, with identical financial details to Microsoft, as having been fined in back taxes for a case involving the first cross-border tax evasion case in the country.

  • Yahoo partners with Firefox to take on Google

    Yahoo has secured a deal with web-browser Firefox which will make it the default search engine for Firefox in the US. The contract will last five years, and will involve the release of a new design for Firefox – to be released in December.


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  • Anchoring

    An insight into how traders ensure they maximise their position through the art of anchoring. By Steve Gates.

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  • Creating Power through Mapping & Sequencing

    An incredibly powerful tool that simplifies complex multi-party negotiations is that of mapping and sequencing. Where power and process provide options and genuinely remove inertia.

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  • Negotiating Across the Globe

    International negotiators are increasingly conducting business across borders and continents. To what extent should they incorporate the differences created by diversity in national cultures into their pre-negotiation planning? By Alistair White

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