Smart people never stop learning the art of negotiation. Through eGap, we ensure you have a constant source of knowledge at your fingertips.

What is eGap?

eGap, The Gap Partnership’s online portal, gives you access to a range of services designed to enhance your development as a skilled negotiator. It allows you to profile your negotiation capabilities, record return on investment (ROI) and develop your negotiation skills using our online resources.

The Negotiation Profiler

Prior to attending one of our workshops, you’ll need to register using  eGap and complete the Negotiation Profiler. This will give you a snapshot of where your strengths and areas for improvement lie, presented in a graph. The Sponsor View allows managers to compare results against industry averages at individual, team and company level.

Measure your Success

We make ourselves accountable for our results. This is why we have designed an ROI calculator, accessed via eGap, to allow your teams to record the results they achieve following attendance on one of our workshops. eGap will send delegates email reminders to help ensure all this data is captured.

Online Negotiation Resources 

Part of our philosophy is to support our clients with their continued professional development. It’s for this reason we have created the resources portal. Available in text, video and audio formats, this searchable database includes valuable information on demand about how to improve your negotiation skills as well as ‘White Paper’ documents written by our negotiation experts. 

The library contains a series of video clips – professionally scripted, acted and shot – that illustrate key aspects of negotiation technique. See an example of one of these videos below 

 For more information about how your organisation can use eGap to support you and your team’s negotiation development, contact us.