The Gap Partnership’s consulting service focuses solely on the hands-on development and execution of negotiation strategies for our clients. Our negotiation consultants’ job is to help you build an actionable plan for forthcoming negotiations which meets your objectives via the most efficient route possible.

We serve each client and their respective challenges in a bespoke fashion.  You and your teams will benefit from our practical approach to your most complex negotiation scenarios - which means you will stay one step ahead of the competition, and never go into a negotiation underprepared. Our recent projects include:

-          Price increase and cost price decrease

-          Trade terms, payment and settlement terms initiatives

-          Contract negotiation or renegotiation

-          Joint Business Planning

-          Mergers and acquisitions

-          Tender preparation – RFP planning

-          Licensing agreement reviews

-          Employee relations negotiation

Negotiations can lose impetus or even collapse unless the appropriate level of planning and project management is employed. All of which may have a detrimental effect on your business performance and your business relationships.  Our suite of services will enable you to confidently create and execute highly effective negotiation strategies, and range from initial diagnostics to project management and negotiation execution.

Our Scope and Reach

Many organizations benefit from our negotiation expertise, across numerous industry sectors, including:

-          Consumer / FMCG

-          Oil & Gas, Energy, utilities

-          Telecoms

-          Public Sector

-          Professional Services

-          Finance and Legal

-          Pharmaceuticals