The Complete Skilled Negotiator is practical, experiential and essential for anyone responsible for making business agreements. It is far more than any standard negotiation training course or negotiation seminar – this intensive three and a half day workshop is the most comprehensive behavioural programme available… anywhere in the world.

The many approaches to negotiation are captured on our ClockFace model and provide attendees with a logical approach to differentiating types of negotiations and critically negotiating in a way that is appropriate to their circumstances. Delivered by our negotiation practitioners, this workshop helps you to develop those skills which for you are critical to securing better agreements within the context of your supplier or buyer relationships. Whether you find yourself regularly confronted by tough situations or are able to work collaboratively towards total value agreements, The Complete Skilled Negotiator experience will equip you to optimise your relationships.   The result?  Genuine behavioural shifts with a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line:  We even guarantee a ten-fold return on your investment, within six months.

It is also a journey which takes place from inside the head of the other party, which is where every successful negotiator needs to operate. Also, for those attending ‘in house’ workshops, the learning doesn’t stop on the evening of the final day.

Following a comprehensive personal feedback session on the final day, you will be provided with a personal development report by the workshop tutor, offering insights and feedback on your performance and practical advice on ways to improve future performance. After four weeks, we reinforce the message with a personalised coaching session. After three months, you will attend a one-day follow-up workshop, aimed at reinforcing the learning from the workshop and how they have been applied in your negotiations.  You will also be provided with access to eGap online resources, to further hone your negotiation skills and support your continued professional development. 

Who should attend?

Business executives from any industry or discipline who are involved in negotiating agreements with suppliers, customers or other business partners; and who are wholly or partly accountable for the commercial outcomes. 

Attendees typically come from sales, account management, procurement, logistics and many other commercial disciplines.

How many can attend?

Whether you choose an in-house or open workshop, the emphasis on individual coaching limits each workshop to eight delegates.

How long is the workshop?

This is an intensive, three and a half day residential workshop.