The Strategic Negotiator focuses on one of the most underestimated aspects of negotiation – planning. In fact, 90% of successful negotiation is down to meticulous planning. This workshop is designed for those with a high level of negotiation competence who want to use their negotiation skills to take total control of their environment. And for those who hold responsibility to deliver on key agreements and deals which carry relationship implications.

Proven analytical processes applied to any negotiation help you to proactively take control of time and circumstance. During the two day workshop you’ll have the opportunity to plan strategies based on those negotiations you face, whilst building your capability as a strategic negotiator. We’ll pay particular attention to structured thinking, decision-making, risk analysis, sequencing and process mapping; which will enable you to tailor each of your negotiation strategies to suit any given situation.

As part of your attendance you will also receive access to Strategic Tools, our online planning toolkit which will help you to assess your position of power, define your strategic options and guide you through the steps required to execute your chosen strategy. By integrating this planning process into your daily working life you will have the confidence that you and your teams  approach to each negotiation will be optimised by a comprehensively thought through strategy.  

Who should attend?

The Strategic Negotiator workshop is best suited to competent negotiators who are involved in business critical and often complex, negotiations.   Attendees typically include senior executives in account management, sales, procurement and leaders of commercial teams.

How many can attend?

This workshop is limited to 12 attendees. We use one Gap Partnership consultant for every six attendees.

How long is the workshop and where is it delivered?

This is an intensive, two-day residential workshop.