News & Insights | News | 12 September 2018

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to reach further into our everyday lives, are we ready to start negotiating with a computer?

Every day we hear about how a new algorithm is changing the way we do things, from helping us shop, to what to play next on our music streaming services, to what a buyer may find acceptable in a negotiation. The algorithm, the piece of Artificial Intelligence that crunches the data and outputs a recommendation, is increasingly gaining influence in both our personal and business lives.

Imagine you are negotiating against the outputs of an algorithm. Sitting in front of you is a computer, all you must do is agree a deal. What’s going through your head? Possibly less than usual - you aren’t concentrating on the language being used, you are not looking for body language tells, you are just concentrating on your preparation, your position, your moves.

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