News & Insights | News | 23 October 2019

All too often, the greatest barrier to getting the best deal is not the person sitting opposite you, but yourself. Skilled negotiators recognise this about themselves, and understand how to exploit it in others. 

A couple of years ago, I was at an awards dinner and found myself sitting next to a very nice chap called Mike. He was working at the time as an account director for a medium-sized consumer goods company. I shared what I did for a living and he confessed that he had not had much negotiation training himself.

Having exchanged a few pleasantries, we quickly found that we both had young families at home and he talked a lot about how important it was for him that he was able to go home to his kids knowing that he had acted, in every aspect of his role, to the highest moral principles that he set himself, and them. He held his team to the same standards, and his colleagues at the table described him as one of the nicest guys you could meet, generous to a fault and fair to everyone…


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