About The Gap Partnership

Founded in 1997, The Gap Partnership is the world's leading negotiation consultancy. Specialising exclusively in commercial negotiation, we influence the profitability and market value of over 600 global companies in the world's largest economies.

Transforming the business performance of our clients

From our offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and South Africa we provide tailored solutions to transform the business performance of our clients. Our teams are passionate about negotiation and committed to providing you with the bespoke solutions you need. We guarantee quality, we guarantee consistency and we guarantee the ROI that we commit to deliver.

Working in partnership

Clients often ask us to deliver sustained capability solutions, they want to embed behavioural change and at the same time ensure line managers own the process; they want measurability, they want us to be accountable and they will often invite us to help them manage through their more important negotiations. So we listen, understand, engage and deliver. It’s a partnership and it ensures that we can offer solutions to our clients in the way they need them and that serves their business needs.  

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The values that underpin our business

Being Trusted

We understand that every business relationship starts and depends on ‘Being Trusted’. We know that trust comes from transparency, confidentiality, consistency and doing what you say you will do. We know we have to earn it with every client and we know that if they or you are to trust us as business partners we have to continuously exceed your expectations.

Being The Best

At The Gap Partnership there is no room for complacency, no room for excuses. We are committed to 'Being The Best', providing the highest quality solutions to our client’s specification anywhere in the world.

Being Innovative

If we are not relevant, we are not worthy. Our value of ‘Being Innovative’ ensures that we continuously invest in both R&D and new solutions aimed at optimizing your results and providing options for achieving your goals making use of the latest technology.

Being Passionate

‘Being Passionate’ about negotiation and delivering world-class solutions in negotiation sums up The Gap Partnership and every member of our team. The sheer fascination of helping our clients create value which would never have existed or complete agreements which otherwise would have deadlocked, offers a very measurable and accountable edge to our client relationships.

Being One Team

Finally, The Gap Partnership operate as ‘Being One Team’. Our global resources, multi-sector expertise and a common focus on quality means that the winners are always our clients.
Illustration: Ashlyns Hall, The Gap Partnership Head Office
Ashlyns Hall, The Gap Partnership Head Office
Meet the Leadership Team
Photo: Leadership: Steve Gates
Steve Gates
Steve Gates
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of The Gap Partnership, Steve has built The Gap Partnership over the past 18 years to become the largest niche negotiation training consultancy in the world. His understanding of negotiation process, strategy, tactics, behaviour and psychology has enabled his team to shape and mould the most effective negotiation solutions in the world. Steve is the author of ‘The Negotiation Book’ and has written numerous articles on the subject of negotiation.

Photo: Leadership: Graham Botwright
Graham Botwright
Graham Botwright
Chief Operating Officer

Graham has been a partner in the business since 2002. During his time at The Gap Partnership he has supported over 100 Clients from a broad range of sectors around the world. Graham has been central to much of The Gap Partnership’s Client’s experience through the development of the quality of our people, proposition and service.  He is fascinated by the art of negotiation, the psychology between two parties attempting to grow a relationship whilst having differing, sometimes opposing, interests. Prior to joining the company, Graham was a manager at Arthur Andersen and had 10 years in various commercial roles in the retail industry with Kingfisher, Wickes and Harrods.
A fellow of the CIPD, Graham lives in the UK and is married to a South African, Carmel. Sadly, Graham gains fairly consistent feedback that whilst he loves cycling, he probably won't make it as a lycra model!

Photo: Leadership: Roger Greenfield
Roger Greenfield
Roger Greenfield
Chief Innovation Officer

Roger is a highly experienced commercial consultant with over 20 years’ experience within sales, Client management and consultancy. With a background in the service sector, he has worked in Investment Banking, Telecommunications, Information Technology and FMCG industries. Roger has been at The Gap Partnership since 2002 delivering development workshops and consultancy projects to Clients all over the world and now takes the lead for Innovation throughout the business. A keen sportsman, Roger can be often found on the squash court or training for his next big run, when not relaxing at home with his wife and teenage daughters.

Photo: Leadership: Hain MacKay-Cruise
Hain MacKay-Cruise
Hain MacKay-Cruise
Managing Partner Asia

Hain was drawn to negotiation through his experiences in Asia and the Middle East, and trying to understand the complexities of cross cultural negotiation and cultural impact on behaviour. He has had plenty of chances to see this in action through his work with companies establishing JV’s in China, working with government departments in the UAE, and in managing restructures in Japan.  Hain is a native of Australia but has spent the past 16 years living in Asia and the Middle East, currently residing in Hong Kong. He is passionate about sport, especially rugby, surfing, snowboarding and mountain-biking; none of which he excels at, but he perseveres all the same.  

Photo: Leadership: Thomas Neubauer
Thomas Neubauer
Thomas Neubauer
Managing Partner Americas

Thomas has been with The Gap Partnership since 2011. He joined to lead the Central and Eastern Europe region before more recently moving to New York to head up The Gap Partnership’s Americas business. Thomas is passionate about growing international business and has extensive experience negotiating within a broad range of sectors as both managing director of a Procurement SaaS Technology and Consultancy service provider and prior to that European Director of Sales with Capgemini Consulting.  As a former professional tennis coach and general all-round sportsman Thomas brings a distinctly competitive edge to all team away days and ventures!

Graham Ross Managing Partner Continental Europe
Graham Ross
Graham Ross
Managing Partner, Continental Europe

Graham heads up the Continental Europe team and is responsible for leading and driving the growth of all business units within that region. Prior to joining The Gap Partnership in October 2007, Graham had amassed over 15 years experience in sales and category management in the FMCG sector, initially with Mars and then for over 10 years with Unilever where he held a number of senior commercial management roles. Outside of work, Graham has been guilty of encouraging many of his colleagues into lycra and getting them on bikes. While he likes to think he cycles a lot, the reality is that he is mostly a chauffeur to his two children as he watches their skills on the rugby and hockey pitches eclipse his own.

Photo: Leadership: Graham Stimpson
Graham Stimpson
Graham Stimpson
Head of Global Clients

Graham came to The Gap Partnership with over 20 years’ experience leading sales teams for major European retailers. Under his watch, The Gap Partnership’s EMEA business has grown in size as well as expanding in both language capability and proposition. Graham believes strongly in supporting businesses to bring out both the excellence in their people and maximise the value of every commercial deal they conduct. Passionate about the subject of negotiation, he has also worked with the IGD’s Leading Edge initiative to support individuals in developing their commercial capability. Graham is a keen runner having completed a number of marathons as well as participating in both cycling and climbing events. More recently he has taken up the guitar which, whilst allowing him to express a more creative side, has been met with distinctly mixed reviews from his daughters.

Photo: Leadership: Michael Kamins
Michael Kamins
Michael Kamins
Managing Partner UK & MEAN

Michael arrived at The Gap Partnership after many years in the private consulting world, as well as time spent with the United States Department of Defense. Throughout his TGP career he has delivered the full portfolio to clients across many continents, led the US Consumer Team to substantial growth, and helped to build the Consulting Practice. Michael’s passion lies in creative thinking with the client in mind. With a M.S. in Negotiations, he is intrigued with the art and science of a deal. Moreover, his interests focus on the people aspect of negotiations, and the behaviour that surrounds a positive outcome. Although he seeks out collaboration, Michael is rather competitive in the sporting arena with the other members of the Leadership Team, often coming out on top no matter the event. Unfortunately, that competitive nature has not proven successful with his wife and young son, where he continues to be out negotiated, and “out played”, at every turn. 

Ann Marie Costelloe Chief Marketing Officer
Ann Marie Costelloe
Ann Marie Costelloe
Head of Marketing

Ann Marie joined The Gap Partnership in January 2015 to head up the Global Marketing team. Responsible for overseeing the marketing in all our regions, she has also been instrumental in leading the development of the new brand identity for the company. Prior to arriving, Ann Marie was a partner in a global advertising agency where she led the development of brand strategies and marketing campaigns for companies such as Unilever, Dulux, Whitbread, Britvic and several charities. Whilst not a consultant, she has a strong love for the subject of negotiation and regularly finds herself putting all she has learnt at The Gap Partnership to practise during heated pocket-money price increase debates and bedtime deadlock scenarios with her three small children at home. 

Graham Drew Head of Global Consulting
Graham Drew
Graham Drew
Head of Product, Innovation & Technology

Graham is responsible globally for leading client centric Innovation and managing our portfolio of Products. He also delivers our Technology and digital platforms strategy and leads Program and Change Management for our business. Graham joined the business in October 2015, having been both a client and delegate. Graham has an entrepreneurial and sales driven background with specialisms in business growth, transformation, commercial negotiation and complex sales. He has held senior roles at organisations such as Computacenter and Monitise, and is a Non Executive Director and Board Advisor to a number of other companies. Outside of work Graham enjoys a quiet life in the country, spending time with his family, walking the dogs... and, when things get a bit too quiet, practising his martial arts.

Rachael Langley
Rachael Langley
Chief HR Officer

Rachael joined The Gap Partnership in June 2013 to lead our people agenda and implement associated strategies that support our ambitious growth plans across EMEA, Asia and the Americas.  Her love of travelling and developing teams has been a constant theme throughout her career where she has undertaken a number of international roles for global organisations such as Avon Cosmetics, easyJet and E.ON.  Of these, perhaps her favourite led her to live in the Philippines where she implemented a sales capability programme across Asia Pacific.  Now back in the UK, she lives in equally nice (if a little less clement) St Albans where she enjoys spending weekends with her husband and family, ideally in her second love, Centre Parcs.

Nigel Wolfin Chief Financial Officer
Nigel Wolfin
Nigel Wolfin
Chief Financial Officer

Nigel has been The Gap Partnership’s Chief Financial Officer since March 2008, overseeing the set up and broader finance, legal, tax and treasury activities of the group. With the company’s strong adviser network, Nigel guides the board’s consideration of the optimum structure to support continued global growth. Prior to joining the company. Nigel spent eight years as Head of Finance and Company Secretary of initially 3i backed, and subsequently Listed, Pinewood Shepperton plc, having previously held various roles within the audit and consultancy practices of PwC. Nigel is married to an actress and attempts, with varying degrees of success, to maintain an influence on the lives of his son and daughter. He is more likely to be watching as opposed to participating in sport, albeit he continues to dine off the one marathon he did complete with colleagues at The Gap Partnership in New York.

Photo: Leadership: Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins
Head of Global Consulting

Chris has been with The Gap Partnership since 2010. He brought with him over 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer Services and general management at MD & CEO level, across a range of sectors and regions. Chris leads The Gap Partnership's global consulting practice, having previously worked as Managing Partner for the Asia Pacific Office, and as Head of Global Client Relationships. He specialises in cross-cultural negotiation, utilising his extensive knowledge of working with Asian cultures during his ten years in the region. Chris lives in Oxfordshire with his wife Sarah and whichever of their three grown-up sons decide to join them. His social interests are cars, rugby and enjoying the Oxfordshire countryside. Luckily Sarah is a rugby fan too, with their his-n-hers season tickets for Wasps. She’s less certain about his cars.