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It's just not cricket
NEWS: 19/04/2018
What is the cost of a piece of sandpaper? Or was it a piece of yellow sticky tape? Either way, as a ...
Negotiation Lessons from David and Goliath
NEWS: 22/02/2018
Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath – if not the actual details of who each of the t ...
Lessons from my father on cross-cultural negotiation
NEWS: 06/12/2017
As a teenager, my father told stories about his cross-cultural negotiations. These were the days bef ...
Pressure: 3 Strategies for organisations
NEWS: 30/08/2017
As a negotiator you are sent into the heat of confrontation with clients or customers. It is y ...
Brexit: The Fourth Dimension
NEWS: 09/08/2017
For 20 years I have spent my life as a negotiation practitioner, author of The Negotiation Boo ...
The Danger of Entrenched Positions
NEWS: 01/08/2017
There are dozens of reasons why a negotiation might break down. Sometimes there just isn’t a deal t ...
Brexit: The Negotiation Challenges Ahead
NEWS: 30/06/2017
With the start of the Brexit talks, it is timely to step back and consider the approach that w ...
Steve Gates interviewed on BBC about Trump and Mexico
VIDEO: 08/03/2017
Steve Gates discusses Donald Trump’s stance on Mexico and China, and what the implications are ...
Coping With The Stress Of Negotiation
ARTICLES: 06/12/2016
Picture this...  You are sitting in a small, windowless room. You have been there for the last ...
The Negotiation Book shortlisted for CMI's "Management Book of the Year Award"
NEWS: 02/11/2016
The 25-strong shortlist, sponsored by Henley Business School, reflects and offers guidance on the ch ...
Consulting Month - November 2016
NEWS: 31/10/2016
Every Tuesday in November, The Gap Partnership is turning the spotlight on our negotiation consultin ...
Negotiating in a Fish Bowl
NEWS: 20/10/2016
The key challenge for Brexit, it appears, is how will the UK trade freely with Europe, whilst puttin ...

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