Conocimientos | Artículos | 17 March 2015

International negotiators are increasingly conducting business across borders and continents. To what extent should they incorporate the differences created by diversity in national cultures into their pre-negotiation planning?

You've just landed. It's late. It's hot. Very hot. Immigration takes an age. Luggage takes longer. The customs guys all have guns. No driver. You get in a taxi. No Meter. You forget to agree a price. How far is the hotel? The road signs make no sense. The taxi driver doesn't speak English. The hotel doesn't have your reservation. You're tired. Very tired. It's all so...alien. And tomorrow - no, later today in precisely 7 hours - you have to sit down opposite 3 people you have never met before to negotiate the terms of a supply contract with a provider you scarcely know in a market that is bewilderingly unfamiliar..."

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