Negotiating to maximize value

Thursday 18 August 2016, 7am - 9am

How do you build strategic partnerships through meaningful negotiations?  How can you create, develop and maintain value to ensure a maximum outcome is realized in a negotiation? 

In today’s ever changing CPG environment, suppliers and retailers alike face significant challenges in building value for their company.  

Michael Perlish, VP at The Gap Partnership has been invited to be guest speaker at an event hosted by "Doing Business In Bentonville" where he will share strategies and insights that will enable you to proactively and consciously create, maintain and manage value in your business relationships.  This seminar will leave you thinking differently about your negotiations, with a greater appreciation for the art and science of negotiation.  It will give you a better understanding of how to best find value in a deal where none previously existed and ultimately ensure you have better negotiating skills for working internally within your own company. 

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De todas las habilidades necesarias en el mundo empresarial, existe una que supera por mucho a las demás: La negociación. The Gap Partnership fue creada en 1997. 

Nos especializamos única y exclusivamente en el proceso de negociación. Este enfoque claro y específico nos permite transmitir a nuestros clientes todo el conocimiento que atesoramos, evitando cualquier tipo de distracción.