News & Insights | News | 11 November 2019

Futureproofing enables you to extract value so you don’t lose out. It can be vital to avoiding embarrassment, specifically when the agreed terms are on a deadline.

Earlier this year there were many headlines referencing the delayed opening of Tottenham Hotspurs’ new stadium. The club’s chairman Daniel Levy had been calling for the supporters to be patient as they dealt with this most recent embarrassment. But what was the root cause, and did this impact Tottenham? More appropriately, was this something Mr Levy planned for?

Negotiation is conducted in the present but implemented in the future is a phrase that we use at The Gap Partnership. But what does this mean? We spend considerable time preparing prior to the negotiation, and while at the negotiation table thrashing out a deal. But we need to ensure that we are actually following through with what has been agreed. And, that the other party is upholding their side of the deal. We also need to consider and plan for the possibility that the other party don’t honour the agreement, and ensure there are consequences put in place to protect us in this eventuality.

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