The Negotiation Book

The Negotiation Book

The Negotiation Book is an indispensable and practical guide for anyone who wants to improve their negotiation capability.

Most people believe they are good negotiators. The Negotiation Book sets out to challenge that perception. Denial, ego, experience, and familiarity with others are the more obvious barriers to thinking differently about how to build sustainable agreements. From his own practical experience in negotiating with some of the world’s largest corporations, Steve Gates – Founder and CEO of The Gap Partnership - helps readers to understand what good negotiation looks like, and what it will take for you to perform as a complete skilled negotiator.


Reviews of the Negotiation Book

Piotr Malita, Commercial Capability Director, Coca-Cola HBC

An unputdownable step-by-step guide to successful negotiations. Essential for business professionals, it offers universally acceptable ‘around the clock’ negotiation methods supported heavily by easy-to-understand case studies. Very practical.

Martin Porter, Sales Managing Director, Heineken

The concepts and framework presented within this book are invaluable in helping you prepare and execute your negotiation strategy. This negotiation ‘blueprint’ will ensure that readers have every opportunity to secure long term sustainable agreeements with their trade partners.

John Lim, General Manager, Supply Chain & Procurement Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, ConocoPhillips

The Negotiation Book’s collaborative method of negotiation helps in gaining agreement that not only results in value for all parties but also enhances relationships. It emphasizes the psychological and behavioural aspects of the negotiation, which is one of the single most important factors in a successful negotiation.

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Of all the skills required in business there is one that transcends the rest. Negotiation. The Gap Partnership was founded in 1997. We specialise wholly and exclusively in negotiation through our world leading negotiation training and negotiation consulting services. It is this focus and clarity of approach that allows us to impart our in-depth knowledge to you, the client, without distraction.