The Strategic Negotiator

Imagine you were able to stand back and scope the relationship ahead of your more critical negotiations.

Imagine you could objectively define the balance of power in play, select from a set of pre-defined strategies, map the stakeholders, the risks, and sequence the communication to remain in control.

Now imagine you had the powerful process tools to build strategies with your team, across your business around the world every time you needed to…

Welcome to The Strategic Negotiator. After two days with our negotiation practitioners you will be able to do just this.  We even structure the workshop around your live or pending negotiations to ensure that you get immediate value from attending this workshop. 

The Strategic Negotiator provides the most proactive approach to controlling your important negotiations. 

Delegate places available
Residential 2 Day course
Tutor/Delegate ratio
Delivered globally

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Of all the skills required in business there is one that transcends the rest. Negotiation. The Gap Partnership was founded in 1997. We specialise wholly and exclusively in negotiation through our world leading negotiation training and negotiation consulting services. It is this focus and clarity of approach that allows us to impart our in-depth knowledge to you, the client, without distraction.