Managing Risk In The Age of Uncertainty

Thursday 17 January 2019, 8:30am - 11am

What is your negotiation strategy to manage and succeed in today’s complex and uncertain world? How will you deal with customers or suppliers renegotiating contracts to mitigate their risks?

In this age of uncertainty where identifying and managing risk is paramount for commercial prosperity, what is your plan? How will you turn risk into opportunity if you need to proactively renegotiate contracts with your customers or suppliers?

For an expert, interactive and practical analysis of these issues, join us for this exclusive complimentary seminar in which we:

  • Examine lessons to be learned from the negotiation of the European Union withdrawal agreement and how these can be applied to managing negotiation risks

  • Discuss the likely risks to business in 2019 and beyond

  • Explore the importance of risk management in the development of a negotiation strategy

  • Provide five key points for you to take back to your teams and implement

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Tra tutte le competenze necessarie nel mondo commerciale, ce n'è una che trascende tutte le altre: la Negoziazione. The Gap Partnership è stata fondata nel 1997 e siamo specializzati totalmente ed esclusivamente in negoziazione. La focalizzazione e la chiarezza del nostro approccio ci consentono di impartire ai clienti la nostra profonda conoscenza senza diversioni.