DUBLIN - The Advantage of Change: Are you Thriving or Falling Victim to Changing Market Conditions?

Thursday 29 June 2017, 11am - 1pm

What is your negotiation strategy to prosper in today's environment - where customers demand more, rivals compete for your market share, new players seek to enter your sector, and commodities and currencies fluctuate?

Throughout our Summer Seminar Series, we explore five key themes you need to know in order to effectively negotiate, as well as discuss how to create and exercise power appropriately when negotiating in changing markets. 

We also examine why it is important to consider dependency in times of change - and how to build this, and provide tools to enable your teams to remain resilient.

Join us at 11am for coffee.

The seminar takes place from 11.30am - 1pm. 

There will be lunch and networking from 1pm.

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Delivered by industry experts
Radisson Blu Dublin Airport
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1.5 hours of Topical presentations

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Tra tutte le competenze necessarie nel mondo commerciale, ce n'è una che trascende tutte le altre: la Negoziazione. The Gap Partnership è stata fondata nel 1997 e siamo specializzati totalmente ed esclusivamente in negoziazione. La focalizzazione e la chiarezza del nostro approccio ci consentono di impartire ai clienti la nostra profonda conoscenza senza diversioni.