A conflict of interest or value-optimizing opportunity?
NEWS: 27/07/2016
A friend of mine recently asked me whether we teach our retail clients different skills from our sup ...
Negotiating Collective Agreements: The Strategic Approach
ARTICLES: 17/07/2015
I wish I had a pound for every time a client told me that negotiating with collective bodies is diff ...
The Balance of Power
VIDEO: 18/06/2015
The Gap Partnership founder and CEO, Steve Gates, discusses the impact of the balance of power on ne ...
Video thumbnail: Balance of Power
VIDEO: 01/06/2015
Steve Gates, Founder and CEO of The Gap Partnership discusses managing deadlock.
Video thumbnail: Deadlock
How Procurement Teams Negotiate
VIDEO: 28/04/2015
Head of Consulting EMEA, Kevin Lecompte discusses how procurement teams are adopting different negot ...
Video thumbnail: How Procurement Teams Negotiate
Creating Power Through Mapping and Sequencing
ARTICLES: 18/09/2014
Experienced negotiators understand the notion of building value through rational low cost, high valu ...
VIDEO: 08/06/2014
Global Client Head, Paul O'Donnell discusses anchoring in negotiation
Video thumbnail: Anchoring
Negotiating In A Consolidated Market
ARTICLES: 08/01/2014
As the economy is placed under recessionary pressure, change, buy-outs and mergers not only result i ...

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De todas las habilidades necesarias en el mundo empresarial, existe una que supera a las demás: la negociación. The Gap Partnership fue fundada en 1997. Nos especializamos única y exclusivamente en negociación. Este enfoque claro y específico nos permite transmitirle a usted, nuestro cliente, todo nuestro conocimiento especializado, evitando cualquier tipo de distracción.