How a negotiation competition is helping to develop the world's future negotiators
VIDEO: 23/05/2018
In April 2018, The Gap Partnership once again sponsored The Negotiation Challenge. A competition des ...
How I Learned to Stay Quiet and Become a Brexit Negotiator
NEWS: 23/10/2017
After five minutes in negotiation boot camp, one thing is clear -- I’m probably not the man Th ...
Assumptions: A Costly Risk Your Negotiation Can Do Without
NEWS: 06/09/2017
Life is full of surprises. Things that catch you off guard. You are expecting one thing and suddenly ...
Pressure: 3 Strategies for organisations
NEWS: 30/08/2017
As a negotiator you are sent into the heat of confrontation with clients or customers. It is y ...
The Forces of Gravity
NEWS: 23/08/2017
I want you to do something, and please bear with me. Can you take a small, non-fragile object near t ...
The Gap Partnership sponsors the world's best emerging negotiators.
VIDEO: 12/06/2017
Once again The Gap Partnership were the proud sponsors of The Negotiation Challenge which saw teams ...
Steve Gates interviewed on BBC about Trump and Mexico
VIDEO: 08/03/2017
Steve Gates discusses Donald Trump’s stance on Mexico and China, and what the implications are ...
Steve Gates interviewed on BBC about Brexit
VIDEO: 08/03/2017
Steve Gates analyses the negotiation approach, tactics and strategy that the British government are ...
The Negotiation Book wins gold
NEWS: 07/02/2017
We are delighted to announce that Steve Gates’ ‘The Negotiation Book’ has won gold ...
The Gap Partnership belooft te werken volgens de Consulting Excellence principes
NEWS: 08/07/2016
Door het nieuwe initiatief van MCA, “Consulting Excellence”, te ondertekenen, heeft The ...
The Gap Partnership attracts funding from Pricoa Capital Group Limited
NEWS: 16/06/2016
Pricoa Capital Group Limited (“Pricoa”) has led a one-stop financing to support a recapi ...
The Negotiation Challenge film
NEWS: 25/04/2016
Since we announced our sponsorship of The Negotiation Challenge we have received a lot of interest i ...

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