Conditionality without Conditions: The Future Face of Buyer/Seller Negotiations?

Thursday 22 September 2016, 10:30am - 1:30pm

The rules of engagement in negotiations between buyers and sellers are undergoing rapid and dramatic change.

This event brings together a panel of experts to analyse the situation, provide clarity, and arm you with strategies to successfully negotiate within this changing landscape. 

With retailer growth no longer a given, the risk profile in listing a product ever more uncertain, and intensifying competition in the market, how can you creatively and successfully negotiate? What concessions can be traded to ensure value is created for both parties? And ultimately, how can you ensure your commercial relationships remain solid?

The Gap Partnership is hosting an exclusive event for senior business leaders to examine these questions and provide some clarity.

A distinguished panel of industry leaders from Asda, Britvic and Freshpak will analyse the relationship between the grocery multiples and their supplier base and discuss how the new dynamic is framing future negotiations.

Our panel of speakers:

  • Paul Gillow, Senior Director Meat Fish & Poultry, ASDA
  • Phil Sanders, GB Commercial Director, Britvic
  • Keith Foreman, Managing Director, Freshpak

Registration and coffee are at 10.30am. The event starts at 11am and includes:

  • Introduction from Steve Gates, Founder & CEO of The Gap Partnership
  • Panel of speakers
  • Group discussion and Q&A
  • Lunch will follow from 12.30pm

Spaces are limited at this exclusive event so please register now to secure your place.

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Central London
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1.5 hours of Topical presentations

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