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Negotiation courses
Become A Master of Negotiation

At The Gap Partnership we create the world’s best negotiators. 


How? By doing. By reviewing, inspiring and reflecting. By coaching and informing. By changing attitudes, beliefs, confidence, ability and performance. We work with you to understand your challenges and performance needs. Our negotiation practitioners come from your industry and they deliver world class experiential negotiation courses.


We will support you with a ‘total solution’, embedding learning, measuring capability and delivering sustainable change. We do what we say we do and we hold ourselves accountable for your success. And, because we do, our global business has grown by 110% in the past 5 years. Today, 70% of our client activity comes from those we have worked with for 5 years or more.  

The Essential Negotiator

The Essential Negotiator provides all the skills required to engage or support those in your organization during negotiations. This negotiation training workshop helps you develop the skills you need across a clear process; an opportunity to profile yourself and receive 360 degree feedback to accelerate your learning and performance as a negotiator.

The Complete Skilled Negotiator

The Complete Skilled Negotiator has set the global standard for experiential learning. It is the definitive negotiation behavioral change workshop. An exercise in self-awareness and profit maximization, The Complete Skilled Negotiator ensures an understanding of the appropriate way to negotiate in any given circumstance.

The Creative Negotiator

If your challenge is to build agreements that depend on long-term collaborative relationships, joint investment, an understanding of risks and an eye for the total value opportunity, then this negotiation training workshop will substantially add to your skill set. It will enable you to see and create value that would otherwise not have existed.

The Strategic Negotiator

The most proactive approach to controlling your important negotiations through the most advanced set of planning tools, which offer you control and opportunity no matter who appears to hold the balance of power. 


We deliver negotiation courses and consulting in over 50 countries worldwide to some of the world’s most successful global organisations. Our teams are passionate about negotiation and committed to providing the best solutions and negotiation training courses in the world.

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Из всех необходимых в бизнесе навыков есть один, который превосходит все остальные. Это навык ведения переговоров. Переговоры. Компания The Gap Partnership была основана в 1997 году. С момента основания мы целиком и полностью специализируемся на искусстве ведения переговоров. Такая узкая направленность и прозрачная методика позволяют нам делиться с вами, клиентами, нашими глубокими знаниями, не отвлекаясь на другие факторы.

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