27 августа 2020

Webinar series: Virtual negotiation


Webinar series: Virtual negotiation

Webinar  27 августа 2020

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The second webinar of our six-part series explores the effectiveness and tactical empathy in a virtual environment.

The Gap Partnership has developed a series of webinars to deep dive into the future of negotiation. These webinars have one simple goal: to help you and your business understand what you need to do NOW in order to be prepared for what has already begun. Negotiation is one of the most crucial skills for successful businesspeople and a vital element for every company. We are convinced that in the future negotiations will become even more important. But what will negotiations in the future look like? What will change and what will stay the same?

One aspect that changed and will keep on changing is how we communicate. Our modern life is filled with email, video calls, texts and instant messaging, many negotiations take place without meeting or even seeing the person you’re negotiating with. In this webinar, we’ll be focusing on the individual, the effectiveness and on tactical empathy in a virtual environment. We will explore in more detail topics like: adopting negotiation behaviours to a virtual setting,  using power, getting inside their virtual head and many more practical tips that can be implemented straight away. We furthermore introduce a decision tree on how to plan for your virtual negotiations.

This is a approx. 60-minute webinar with a Q&A session run by experts of The Gap Partnership giving you the latest insides on virtual negotiation.

13:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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Четверг 27 августа 2020

3:00 - 4:00 MSK


Freddy Burgees
Lead Consultant and Client Director
The Gap Partnership
Chris Kirkland
Senior Consultant
The Gap Partnership
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