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The Negotiation Society

The Gap Partnership alumni programme was established to provide our clients with engaging content around the subject of negotiation via our private group on LinkedIn. In May 2019 we are moving to a new platform designed exclusively for our members offering a more extensive suite of negotiation resources and services.

Why join?

Be part of a dynamic community of over 20,000 negotiation professionals 

How extreme is too extreme? How would others approach that tricky internal negotiation?  Our Community Space brings members together to share and debate negotiation insights and opinion.

Access The Knowledge Bank for tools and resources that help develop your negotiation expertise

Whether you are looking for our series of Negotiation Shorts™ to embed your understanding of the principles of negotiation, or the tools to plan and practice a live negotiation, The Knowledge Bank brings together everything you need to develop your negotiation skills.  

Enter The Newsroom for news and opinion from around the world

Every day we curate news from around the world specifically tailored to our members’ interests and sectors. Our weekly Negotiation Blog delivers fresh insights and perspectives on negotiation, and The Diary of a Negotiation Consultant provides a unique glimpse into the working week of a TGP consultant. 

The Negotiation Society magazine

The third issue of The Negotiation Society magazine, featuring negotiation stories and news, industry insights and interviews is available now. Click below to view the digital edition, or join The Negotiation Society where you will be able to subscribe to receive a printed copy of the magazine twice a year.

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The Gap Partnership specializes exclusively in negotiation. We influence the profitability and market value of over 600 global companies across the world’s largest economies. Through our negotiation consulting and negotiation training we provide tailored solutions to support their commercial negotiation needs and live negotiation challenges. Together with our clients we optimize the commercial opportunities they have created. 

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