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Is Money Evil?
NEWS: 20/09/2017
I imagine that many of you will be familiar with the biblical quotation, “Money is the root of ...
Brexit: The media will get to the meaning behind the words
NEWS: 13/09/2017
Imagine you are in the early stages of a negotiation. Still engaged in exploratory conversations, ma ...
Implementing a Price Increase
ARTICLES: 12/09/2017
After the North American sales team of an international FMCG business completed The Complete Skilled ...
Assumptions: A Costly Risk Your Negotiation Can Do Without
NEWS: 06/09/2017
Life is full of surprises. Things that catch you off guard. You are expecting one thing and suddenly ...
Pressure: 3 Strategies for organisations
NEWS: 30/08/2017
As a negotiator you are sent into the heat of confrontation with clients or customers. It is y ...
The Forces of Gravity
NEWS: 23/08/2017
I want you to do something, and please bear with me. Can you take a small, non-fragile object near t ...
Ego. A small word that can mean big trouble.
NEWS: 16/08/2017
Ego. Everyone has one, whether we like to think it or not. It’s a small word that seems only e ...
Five Tips Successful IT Negotiators Swear By
NEWS: 15/08/2017
IT industry contract negotiations are a different beast than those of other industries. For one t ...
Brexit: The Fourth Dimension
NEWS: 09/08/2017
For 20 years I have spent my life as a negotiation practitioner, author of The Negotiation Boo ...
The Danger of Entrenched Positions
NEWS: 01/08/2017
There are dozens of reasons why a negotiation might break down. Sometimes there just isn’t a deal ...
The Negotiator's Virtuous Circle
NEWS: 13/07/2017
Is dependency a good thing in negotiation? Is it good to be dependent on your negotiation coun ...
Leave your Personal Values at the Door
NEWS: 12/07/2017
A couple of years ago, I was at an awards dinner and found myself sitting next to a very nice ...

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