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    Negotiation Training

    Our range of workshops provides unmatched specialism in negotiation training. We train thousands of individuals each year, 95% say that we exceed all expectations.

    Negotiation performance is dependant on both disciplined planning and practice. We guarantee to deliver a behavioural shift in negotiation capability. A successful 100% of our 300+ global corporate clients can agree that their cost-benefit targets have been met or exceeded.

    Our Neogotiatior training workshops allow individuals and teams to build a conscious level of behavioural competence that leaves nothing to chance.

    A comprehensive range of development training workshops.

    Our range of development training workshops provides effective practical negotiation skills, from basic trading principles, and their associated behaviours, through to complex process-based strategic negotiation.

    Our negotiation skills training workshops are highly practical and always based on the needs of the individual. They deliver sustained behavioural and performance change which can be employed immediately.

    - All of our workshops are tailored to meet the specific business requirements of our clients.
    - All attendees are encouraged to use our eGap online development to help consolidate, extend and refresh their skills on an on-going basis.

    Following our workshops we work with attendees to measure the financial return on your investment and the behavioural change that has been achieved. This data is provided live and is accessible in graphic form to all sponsors. As part of our partnership with you we remain accountable for delivering on this return over an agreed period of time, and to the level agreed with you prior to our development workshops being commissioned.

    Our workshop formulas include:

    - The New Negotiator
    - The Complete Skilled Negotiator
    - The Re-Negotiator
    - The Strategic Negotiator