04 March 2020

Gender and negotiation


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Gender and negotiation

Webinar 04 March 2020

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This complimentary webinar promises to provide insight, provoke debate and give both male and female attendees key takeaways for how to become a more successful negotiator.

How does gender impact negotiation?

We are all experiencing more and more diverse negotiation teams in the commercial arena and learning about our differences and strengths improves negotiations at all levels.

We will be sharing the results of our global gender and negotiation survey that asked professionals from around the world to tell us their thoughts and feelings on negotiation.

We’ll explore conscious and unconscious bias, dispel myths, highlight truths, and draw actionable conclusions about how the findings can be applied by you, today, for greater negotiation success.

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Wednesday 04 March 2020

8:30AM - 10:30AM 

Keynote speakers:

Esther Shearwood
The Gap Partnership