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The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specialising in negotiation. We help organisations drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce cost. 

In a time of global upheaval, effective negotiation is more important than ever. Whether you are dealing with a merger, managing trade union agreements, repairing disrupted supply chains, or navigating a new commercial reality, negotiation is an essential skill for guaranteed success.

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Negotiation is a life-enhancing skill. Whatever your profession, being a confident, effective negotiator can mean the difference between getting to a great agreement, and one that fails to optimise value for you and your business.


We offer a range of training programs face-to-face or virtual to help you learn how to negotiate even the most difficult and complex commercial agreements.

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How myopic preparation can leave you blindsided

Hrvoje Zaric and Patric Müller

June 2021

Identifying stakeholders in a negotiation may appear to be one of the more straightforward aspects to crafting a deal. But the reality is often more complex, making the design and mapping of a stakeholder engagement, alignment and management process critical to success.

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Joint business plans: Achieving the elusive win-win

Vince Brook

July 2020

A detailed and practical guide to successfully negotiating that holy grail of corporate agreements: joint business plans. Doing it well means achieving an agreement that is of mutual benefit, has minimized risk, and is appropriately owned and managed by all parties.

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The Negotiation Society magazine: The change issue

Emma Weare

March 2021

The latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine is themed around change and is packed with thought-provoking articles examining its commercial and human impact. With our backdrop the extraordinary global landscape that has emerged post-pandemic, it offers up diverse and expert perspectives on how we can adapt to and even profit from times of profound change.

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Negotiating without a table

Drew Gallaher

April 2020

An in-depth look at how to approach negotiating when you aren't sitting across a table from your counter part. What is the impact of 'e-negotiating'? What is the best virtual platform to choose? What are the psychological implications and risks to avoid?

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