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The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specializing in negotiation. We help organizations drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce cost. 

In a time of global upheaval, effective negotiation is more important than ever. Whether you are dealing with a merger, managing trade union agreements, repairing disrupted supply chains, or navigating a new commercial reality, negotiation is an essential skill for guaranteed success.

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Negotiation is a life-enhancing skill. Whatever your profession, being a confident, effective negotiator can mean the difference between getting to a great agreement, and one that fails to optimize value for you and your business.


We offer a range of training programs face-to-face or virtual to help you learn how to negotiate even the most difficult and complex commercial agreements.

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The Negotiation Society magazine: The psychology and recession issue

Emma Weare

November 2022

Salient commercial topics of our time are put under the microscope in this latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine. With stories including the role of a chief strategy officer, psychological profiling, and how negotiation can help navigate turbulent economic waters, it's a must-read for negotiators everywhere.

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The many levels of value: Direct store delivery

Nick Capuano

November 2022

As negotiations become more complex we run the risk of eroding value by prioritizing price. In this article we examine the direct store delivery model that many CPG companies offer partners. When you allow yourself to see the bigger picture, multi-level value propositions become clear.

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The continuing impact of Covid-19 on global supply chains: The challenge and opportunity for skilled negotiators

Mike Giaimo

May 2022

In the new world order that’s emerging post-Covid, we are seeing a perfect storm of limited supplies plus increased cost for items globally produced and consumed. We assess the lasting impact of the pandemic on global supply chains, and the role that negotiation can play in mediating against it.

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Managing risk in a time of uncertainty

Paul Bradford

March 2022

In times of instability and unpredictability, the established patterns associated with business relationships can be severely tested. This may cause significant disruption and negative impact to planned or ongoing commercial negotiations. What can businesses and their negotiators do when faced with uncertainty and the risk it brings?

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