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We work with commercial negotiation teams to find creative solutions to their toughest negotiation challenges. Our expert consulting intervention ensures you and your team have the process, capability, confidence and mindset to push through the most difficult and complex negotiations and secure the best possible deal. 

How negotiation consulting helps our clients

Bringing in our management consultants, each with years of sector-specific expertise and commercial experience, can give you a completely new and different perspective on your toughest, most complex negotiations. They will prepare you and your team to conduct a single negotiation, or multiple interdependent negotiations, ensuring you consider the multitude of factors that can influence the outcome. 

Our methodology starts with getting internal alignment on the objectives and understanding what success and failure look like. The next step is building a strategy and analyzing the balance of power. We will introduce tools and processes to help you make decisions and objectively analyze risk. Our team will also work with you to build communication plans to ensure an understanding of who delivers what messages at each stage of the negotiation. We’ll also review your team and agree the team roles during the actual negotiation in the room.

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