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Negotiation is an integral part of everything a business does. It exerts a critical influence on the profitability and market value of the organization.


At The Gap Partnership we provide development programs and negotiation training to our clients. We work with you to understand your challenges and performance needs. Our negotiation consultants come from your industry and will support you with a “complete” solution that embeds learning, measures capability and delivers sustainable change.


We hold ourselves accountable for your success. 70% of our business comes from clients we have worked with for over five years.

The Essential Negotiator

The Essential Negotiator provides all the skills required to engage or support those in your organization during negotiations. This workshop helps you develop the skills you need across a clear process; an opportunity to profile yourself and receive 360 degree feedback to accelerate your learning and performance as a negotiator

The Complete Skilled Negotiator

The Complete Skilled Negotiator has set the global standard for experiential learning. It is the definitive negotiation behavioural change workshop. An exercise in self-awareness and profit maximisation, The Complete Skilled Negotiator ensures an understanding of the appropriate way to negotiate in any given circumstance.

The Strategic Negotiator

The most proactive approach to controlling your important negotiations through the most advanced set of planning tools, which offer you control and opportunity no matter who appears to hold the balance of power. 

1-2-1 Coaching

Effective utilization of the skills learned on our workshops, applied to live negotiations, enables the competency to be honed and embeds the skillset so that it can be applied in many different situations. Our 1-2-1 coaching provides you with the support, challenge and sound advice you require to manage your negotiation challenges.

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The Gap Partnership specializes exclusively in negotiation. We influence the profitability and market value of over 600 global companies across the world’s largest economies. Through our negotiation consulting and negotiation training we provide tailored solutions to support their commercial negotiation needs and live negotiation challenges. Together with our clients we optimize the commercial opportunities they have created.