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Navigating the new era of Darwinism: Adapting and evolving in a rapidly changing business landscape

James Kennerdale

September 2023

Step into the world of negotiation strategy with James Kennerdale, Senior Manager at The Gap Partnership. In this insightful discussion, he unveils the power of early diagnosis in people, processes, and organizational dynamics, revealing how it serves as a shield against the pitfalls that often lurk in the realm of business negotiations.

Lessons from game theory: How collaboration and communication affect payoffs

Daniel Rocha

July 2023

Game theory is a compelling strategic model that makes sense of the pivotal role that communication, trust, and alignment play in achieving optimal negotiation results. In this article, we deep dive into some famous game theory examples, and explore how the learnings can be successfully applied to negotiation for optimised outcomes.

Negotiating with clarity: Understanding and addressing cognitive fatigue

Mallory Gazette

July 2023

Negotiation, an essential aspect of business, requires mental agility and strong communication skills but can lead to cognitive fatigue, impacting the process and results significantly. By recognizing and understanding this fatigue, and employing effective strategies for prevention and mitigation, negotiators can improve their performance and secure better outcomes.

Imposter syndrome: The silent killer of negotiation success

Mallory Gazette

May 2023

Imposter syndrome, a psychological pattern where individuals doubt their own skills and accomplishments, can significantly impact performance in business negotiations. In this article, we examine this syndrome, gender biases, and the rise of virtual negotiations, concluding with practical tips and strategies to overcome it and become a more effective negotiator. By addressing limiting beliefs and adopting effective negotiation strategies, you can become more confident negotiators and achieve better outcomes for yourself and your organization.

Enhance: The enterprise toolkit for procurement professionals

The Gap Partnership

May 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of Enhance, a powerful SaaS solution that optimizes negotiation performance and outcomes. Enhance has been developed to deliver optimal end-to-end planning and implementation for every single negotiation a procurement team undertakes. Its powerful but user-friendly online toolkit supports the entire process, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and results.

The Negotiation Society magazine: Leadership and influence

Emma Weare

May 2023

Effective leadership can assume multiple approaches, personalities, and styles. The latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine puts leadership under the microscope and includes candid stories from commercial leaders about their journey to the top, insights from future leaders, as well as expert analysis on the role negotiation plays in professional success.

The power of delayed gratification in negotiation: How to say 'no' one more time

R. Brian Denning

May 2023

Have you ever wondered if delaying gratification could lead to better outcomes in negotiations? In this article, we explore the importance of this concept in negotiations, and provide tips for negotiating with limited time to achieve the best possible outcome. These tips include focusing on self-awareness, rejecting proposals to signal disapproval, scrutinizing past negotiations, proposing alternative counteroffers after rejecting a proposal. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your negotiation outcomes, ensuring that you don't leave any value on the table.

Shifting your perspective to achieve more collaborative negotiations

Rodrigo Malandre

April 2023

Have you ever thought you were more collaborative than the other party during a negotiation? It turns out, we tend to overestimate our collaboration skills and misinterpret the competitiveness of the other party. In this article, we discuss the biases that lead to this illusion, the importance of understanding interests over positions, and provides suggestions for increasing collaboration in negotiations.

A recipe for conflict: Navigating the current global economy

Scott Chepow

April 2023

In the past couple of years consumers have been hit hard by the impact of the rising cost of living. Price increases are so stretched that wages are not keeping pace with inflation. Scott Chepow explores the current global economic challenges we face, and how with alignment and the right mindset, opportunity can create true partnerships. Negotiation is in the air!