23 julio 2020

Procurement white paper webinar

Seminario web

Procurement white paper webinar

Seminario web 23 julio 2020

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We are pleased to invite you to the launch of The Gap Partnership’s Procurement White Paper. This open webinar will discuss challenges and issues GP functions around the world are facing, as a result of negotiation skills being eroded or lost.

Negotiation skills are fundamental to procurement teams and sourcing organizations across the globe. However, this core skill is increasingly being eroded.

The Gap Partnership’s Procurement White Paper examines why this is happening, and will specifically focus on 5 key topics that have a significant impact on an organization’s ability to negotiate and maximize outcomes

11 AM EST to 12 PM EST

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Jueves 23 julio 2020

5:00a. m. - 6:00a. m. CST

Oradores destacados:

Anya Radomyselski
Negotiation and Strategy Consultant
The Gap Partnership
Marc Saris
Negotiation Consultant
The Gap Partnership
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