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The Gap Partnership wins Gold in the 2021 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards

August 2021

The Gap Partnership’s online negotiation skills program, The Foundation Negotiator, has won gold in the category of Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program.

A step-by-step guide: Implementing a price increase

Rodrigo Malandre

August 2021

In our latest article exploring the timely and critical issue of price increases, we present a step-by-step guide to how to plan and implement one successfully.

Price increases: Negotiating the inevitable

Chris Atkins

July 2021

With commodity prices soaring and uncertainty infusing our global markets, having a clear strategy in place for negotiating the inevitable round of cost price increases is critical. Read our simple guide to the main watch outs and learn about our calculator which helps you instantly quantify the value of any potential price increase.

The art of war and negotiation

James Kennerdale

June 2021

An ancient text on warfare contains three aphorisms that over two thousand years later can help a modern negotiator overcome some common pitfalls. Expect practical wisdom on managing up, first proposals and the value of investing effort into truly knowing your counterparty.

How myopic preparation can leave you blindsided

Hrvoje Zaric and Patric Müller

June 2021

Identifying stakeholders in a negotiation may appear to be one of the more straightforward aspects to crafting a deal. But the reality is often more complex, making the design and mapping of a stakeholder engagement, alignment and management process critical to success.

Negotiating a path to commercial success

The Gap Partnership

March 2021

A special feature in The Times newspaper's "The Future CEO" supplement reports that when business strategy execution goes wrong, it's likely that the negotiations that underpinned it were suboptimal.

The devil on your shoulder: Ethics and negotiation

Paul Bradford

March 2021

With the ever-increasing rise of purpose-driven brands and organizations putting a spotlight on the ethics of business, where does this leave negotiation? Can a laser-like focus on optimizing value coexist with an ethical approach, and if so, how?

The Negotiation Society magazine: The change issue

Emma Weare

March 2021

The latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine is themed around change and is packed with thought-provoking articles examining its commercial and human impact. With our backdrop the extraordinary global landscape that has emerged post-pandemic, it offers up diverse and expert perspectives on how we can adapt to and even profit from times of profound change.

Covid recovery: Fast decision making

The Gap Partnership

October 2020

The ability to make fast decisions is an essential trait of effective leaders - even more so in times of crisis where course corrects or new strategies are required at speed. Graham Botwright explains the importance of fast decisions, and what is needed to achieve them.