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A recipe for conflict: Navigating the current global economy

Scott Chepow

April 2023

In the past couple of years consumers have been hit hard by the impact of the rising cost of living. Price increases are so stretched that wages are not keeping pace with inflation. Scott Chepow explores the current global economic challenges we face, and how with alignment and the right mindset, opportunity can create true partnerships. Negotiation is in the air!

The power of influential leadership

Brian Ripley

March 2023

Learn from the inspiring journey of PepsiCo Vice President Brian Ripley and discover the power of influential leadership. Motivate, inspire, gain trust, and create purpose - these are some of the necessary steps to become a successful leader who can foster healthy communication and collaboration between team members while achieving amazing results. Brian is an example of what exemplary leadership looks like, so let him lead you to greater productivity and satisfaction with his empowering and adaptive style.

Thank you, next!: How does it make you feel when someone breaks a contract with you?

Jordan Steinohrt

January 2023

How does it make you feel when someone breaks a contract with you? What if it was a social contract? They don’t walk fast enough on the street, they show up late to an appointment, or they decide to throw their trash next to the bin as opposed to in it? Or what about a relationship contract? You find out your friend has been saying nasty things about you behind your back, your teammate makes a selfish move on the field, or your partner has been having an affair? Contracts, written and signed, verbal or otherwise, are fundamental in framing our expectations of the people around us. Breaking those contracts and therefore, not delivering to those expectations, often generates an emotional response.

Negotiating in an omni world

Drew Gallaher and Rodrigo Malandre

January 2023

Omnichannel and e-commerce negotiations have been part of market considerations for close to a decade. Over the last two years this conversation has moved from a theoretical to commercial imperative due to consumer acceptance of e-commerce and significant growth of other non-traditional fulfillment models. In this article we'll explore the fundamentals of negotiations within each and how they are different from regular negotiations.

The Negotiation Book's new and updated third edition

December 2022

For anyone that wants to build effective negotiation strategies and get the results they want, this newly revised third edition of The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date exploration of the traits and behaviors associated with successful negotiation.

The Negotiation Society magazine: The psychology and recession issue

Emma Weare

November 2022

Salient commercial topics of our time are put under the microscope in this latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine. With stories including the role of a chief strategy officer, psychological profiling, and how negotiation can help navigate turbulent economic waters, it's a must-read for negotiators everywhere.

The many levels of value: Direct store delivery

Nick Capuano

November 2022

As negotiations become more complex we run the risk of eroding value by prioritizing price. In this article we examine the direct store delivery model that many CPG companies offer partners. When you allow yourself to see the bigger picture, multi-level value propositions become clear.

The battle for price: How leadership can unlock the potential of their negotiation teams

Vince Brook

July 2022

With predictions of a global recession and the current cost of living crisis taking its toll, many industries are facing enormous inflationary pressures, drawing buyers and sellers into inevitable conflict. Now more than ever, teams need to follow a robust and rigorous planning process for their upcoming negotiations.

The Negotiation Society magazine: Client-centricity and transformation

Emma Weare

May 2022

What do the Japanese economy, Dragons’ Den, and our senior partner in the Americas have in common? They all feature in this ninth issue of The Negotiation Society magazine. With themes of client-centricity and transformation, it’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in business, life and negotiation.