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Creating a roadmap for negotiation success: The ultimate guide to planning, preparation and execution

Webinar|14 June 2023

Join our webinar to learn more about how planning for action impacts successful negotiations.

Procurement and environmental sustainability: Accelerating progress by optimising negotiation capability

Webinar|17 May 2023

Join us in discussing the challenges procurement teams may encounter when working with various suppliers on ES and evaluate which techniques are most suitable.

A journey inside the mind of the buyer

Webinar|22 March 2023

Learn how to create a highly effective negotiation approach by elevating your awareness of what buyers think and do.

Post Covid-19 retailer negotiations: Recovering from the storm

Webinar|21 February 2023

Join us to learn how to maximize your negotiation process with retailers within the current post-Covid environment.

Contract renegotiation strategy: How to plan for success

Webinar|10 January 2023

During this webinar we will provide guidance to help you plan, prepare, and map your contract negotiation strategy.

Top tips for virtual negotiation

Webinar|15 September 2020

In these uncertain times, the need to adjust and find a way to rapidly adapt is critical. Join The Gap Partnership in exploring a methodology for negotiation that is critical for success in the virtual world.

Women in negotiation

Webinar|11 August 2020

This webinar presents the findings of The Gap Partnership's research that posed the question, "Do men and women negotiate differently?", and promises to offer insight, analysis, and learnings for all negotiators.

Procurement white paper webinar

Webinar|23 July 2020

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of The Gap Partnership’s Procurement White Paper. This open webinar will discuss challenges and issues GP functions around the world are facing, as a result of negotiation skills being eroded or lost.

Five tips to maximize negotiations while working from home

Webinar|21 May 2020

With more and more of us working from home, we share 5 simple tips and tricks to ensure that your negotiations aren't compromised as a result.