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The battle for price: How leadership can unlock the potential of their negotiation teams

Vince Brook

July 2022

With predictions of a global recession and the current cost of living crisis taking its toll, many industries are facing enormous inflationary pressures, drawing buyers and sellers into inevitable conflict. Now more than ever, teams need to follow a robust and rigorous planning process for their upcoming negotiations.

The Negotiation Society magazine: Client-centricity and transformation

Emma Weare

May 2022

What do the Japanese economy, Dragons’ Den, and our senior partner in the Americas have in common? They all feature in this ninth issue of The Negotiation Society magazine. With themes of client-centricity and transformation, it’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in business, life and negotiation.

The continuing impact of Covid-19 on global supply chains: The challenge and opportunity for skilled negotiators

Mike Giaimo

May 2022

In the new world order that’s emerging post-Covid, we are seeing a perfect storm of limited supplies plus increased cost for items globally produced and consumed. We assess the lasting impact of the pandemic on global supply chains, and the role that negotiation can play in mediating against it.

Our statement on the war in Ukraine

Graham Botwright

March 2022

A statement from our CEO about The Gap Partnership's response to the war in Ukraine.

Managing risk in a time of uncertainty

Paul Bradford

March 2022

In times of instability and unpredictability, the established patterns associated with business relationships can be severely tested. This may cause significant disruption and negative impact to planned or ongoing commercial negotiations. What can businesses and their negotiators do when faced with uncertainty and the risk it brings?

The Negotiation Society magazine: The global trade issue

Emma Weare

November 2021

This eighth edition of The Negotiation Society magazine has a theme of global trade, reporting on the momentous impact the pandemic has had on the movement and supply of goods throughout the world. As ever we highlight the vital role that negotiation plays when facing into and managing such challenging times.

Collaborative and creative procurement in a world of post-pandemic pain

Chris Atkins

November 2021

It's understandable that a natural response to the commercial havoc that Covid has wrought would be to assume a competitive negotiation position. But paradoxically this is the time, now more than ever, for procurement teams to seek collaborative and creative solutions with their suppliers.

5 things employers should remember when negotiating wage increase demands

John Clements

October 2021

In these post-Covid times we are seeing inflationary pressure caused by rising commodity prices, as well as increasing wage demands. For companies who are now facing into negotiations with trade unions, there are five simple principles to keep in mind which will aid the discussions and ensure a positive result.

Front-loading decisions

Hrvoje Zaric

September 2021

Front-loading decisions means bringing as many decisions forward as possible before they are due. Front-loading decisions is a powerful way to put you and your negotiation team in control of the execution phase of any negotiation. Anticipate potential problems before they arise and define your respective responses beforehand.