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Negociaciones Virtuales en Tiempos de Crisis

Webinar|16 July 2020

La necesidad de negociar se mantiene, lo que cambian son las circunstancias, las urgencias y los medios por los cuáles negociamos. Únete a The Gap Partnership para un webinar orientado a mejorar la forma de manejar negociaciones remotas en tiempos de crisis.

Gender in negotiation

London |09 July 2020

We explore challenges you've faced in negotiations and the impact of gender. It will be an opportunity to share your successes, and The Gap Partnership will also share insight from our recent global survey on gender and culture, and how these impact negotiation.

Five tips to maximize negotiations while working from home

Webinar|21 May 2020

With more and more of us working from home, we share 5 simple tips and tricks to ensure that your negotiations aren't compromised as a result.

Negotiating in a virtual world

Webinar|23 April 2020

This webinar teaches the new rules, strategies and tactics that can help increase your confidence when negotiating virtually.

Is there a negotiation gap in procurement?

Webinar|17 March 2020

In this event we explore the role of negotiation in driving successful procurement transformation, and ask whether it's a skill that has become neglected in the discipline of procurement.

Gender and negotiation

Webinar|04 March 2020

This complimentary webinar promises to provide insight, provoke debate and give both male and female attendees key takeaways for how to become a more successful negotiator.