13 de agosto 2020

JBP Negotiations


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JBP Negotiations

Webinar 13 de agosto 2020

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This webinar will discuss what we can do to effectively, anticipate, and proactively control JBP negotiations.

Are your current JBP agreements still relevant and valid under COVID 19? Are your teams effectively preparing to proactively negotiate JBP deals?

This presentation will help you understand what the key steps are to effectively, anticipate, and proactively prepare for the JBP and monitor the negotiations. At the end of the presentation, you will understand:

a) typical challenges to negotiate JBP

b) anticipate renegotiations and how to prepare effectively

c) understand why negotiation is an ongoing process for JBPs.


12 pm to 2 pm. Bogotá/Lima/Mexico/Panama

1 pm to 3 pm  Chile

2 pm to 4 pm Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo


We appreciate your interest in our “JBP Negotiations” webinar. We regret to report that all available spots have been filled to attend this event.

We will announce new events soon. If you require any type of service or if you are interested in talking about the possibility of a webinar for your company, please write to Carmen Gaytán at [email protected].

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Quinta-Feira de 13 de agosto 2020

12:00 - 2:00 

Principais palestrantes:

Pablo Javier Benitez Calvet
Sr International Negotiation Consultant and Client Director
The Gap Partnership