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Our projects cover a wide range of scenarios that include mergers and acquisitions, trade union disputes, cost price decreases and annual price increases, supplier rationalisation, joint business planning, outsource contract negotiation, asset divestiture and contract extensions.

Our consultants talk about their most recent and memorable projects. 

The range and type of negotiation that we consult on is broad and deep, and crosses sectors, roles, geographies and objectives. Examples of recent projects include:

  • Supporting procurement divisions through business transformation
  • Partnering with pharmaceutical companies to help them navigate the complexities of a new product launch
  • Working with retailers on supplier rationalisation
  • Advising the sales team of a consumer packaged goods company looking for improved distribution terms

These are just a flavour of the type of engagements we work on. No matter what the project, we proactively manage potential conflict of interest through strong, published internal governance policies. So, whatever your negotiation challenge, our management consultants can help. They come from your sector and speak your language. They will work alongside you every step of the way to deliver fast, effective results. 

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