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We are living in a world that is increasingly digitally enabled, in which negotiations take place with fewer face-to-face meetings or phone conversations - or perhaps even none. Likewise, E-learning and cloud-based resources for professionals are now more than ever the norm, offering convenience, value and effectiveness.

Our range of online negotiation training courses, digital tools and resources have been designed to embed and support the skills, abilities and outcomes of you and your negotiating team, wherever you may be.

The Foundation Negotiator

The Foundation Negotiator is an interactive online training course that delivers and refreshes the critical core competencies of negotiation. Eight easily digestible modules allow delegates to plan their learning in bite-sized pieces. Each participant is introduced to The Keyhole, a simple 4-step model that provides discipline and rigor in planning any negotiation. This course is a mix of practical exercises, check-in quizzes and video input, all linked together by a virtual host. The concluding module sees each person negotiate a deal and measure the value they create.

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Negotiation 365

Negotiation 365 is a twelve-month online training course designed to embed, secure and enhance the skills and understanding of what it takes to be an expert negotiator. Each week delegates are served fresh, bite-size content that helps them think, analyze and behave more effectively when planning and conducting their negotiations. 22 modules are themed around the key behaviors of a negotiator and content is varied to suit all learning types including films, written insights and interactive online exercises. An optional coaching support package is also available for team leaders.

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Negotiation Tools

The Gap Partnership's Negotiation Tools are the negotiator’s secret weapon, helping them to effectively plan, prepare and implement their negotiations. Providing a simple step-by-step approach, each tool has a specific role to play. From planning and mapping variables and moves, through to efficient live-tracking of proposals and counter proposals, these online tools act as a lasting digital record that can be analyzed at wash-up stage for future learning.

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The Negotiation Profiler

The Negotiation Profiler gives an assessment of your competence in the 14 behaviours of the complete skilled negotiator. Through answering a series of questions, the Profiler serves up a spidergram which visualises your own personal areas of strength as well as those that could benefit from further development. It also recommends resources for the further development of negotiation skills, as well as providing the opportunity to compare results against those of a chosen industry sector.

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I am very excited that the launch of The Negotiation Society enables us for the first time to connect a global community of negotiators, as well as providing them with the tools and insight to become better negotiators.

Graham Botwright
CEO, The Gap Partnership

The Negotiation Society is The Gap Partnership's digital platform which provides members with access to the latest tools, resources and insights to support them in developing, embedding and enhancing their negotiation skills. 

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