November 2021

The Negotiation Society magazine: The global trade issue

by Emma Weare

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The Negotiation Society magazine: The global trade issue

November 2021 by Emma Weare

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This eighth edition of The Negotiation Society magazine has a theme of global trade, reporting on the momentous impact the pandemic has had on the movement and supply of goods throughout the world. As ever we highlight the vital role that negotiation plays when facing into and managing such challenging times.

Global trade has never been more in the commercial spotlight, and this issue of The Negotiation Society magazine brings together expert and diverse perspectives on the challenges, and opportunities, that are facing us today.

Features include:

A story of shipping and shopping: Global and regional reports of supply chains buckling, shipping costs soaring, and consumer goods stalling, plus positive news of clever commercial responses. 

Inside my head. Unilever's Linda Liu tells us the secrets to her success. 

Sustainability special. A trio of articles explore commercial and personal ways we can use negotiation to power the sustainability agenda that is ever more critical to our future. 

Ahead of the game. Insight into the analytical and creative mind of one of The Gap Partnership's senior leaders. 

Breaking back. How a tennis grand slam navigated the Covid crisis through renegotiation and relationships. 

When the stakes are high. High-pressure jobs and how negotiation principles support their execution. 

Learnings from entrepreneurs. Inspiration from visionary leaders breaking new ground in their fields. 

Practice makes perfect. If all the world's a stage, then that includes the negotiation room...why rehearsing negotiations is so important. 

And much more...

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Emma Weare