Steve Gates interviewed on BBC about Trump and Mexico
VIDEO: 08/03/2017
Steve Gates discusses Donald Trump’s stance on Mexico and China, and what the implications are ...
Cultural Difference
VIDEO: 18/06/2015
Head of Asia, Wai Lau discusses the impact of culture on negotiations around the globe. Are you fact ...
Video thumbnail: Cultural Difference
VIDEO: 18/06/2015
Consultant Kelly Harborne looks at the importance and value in pre-conditioning
Video: Pre-Conditioning
Trust and Risk
VIDEO: 18/06/2015
Head of Consulting EMEA, Kevin Lecompte looks at understanding how risk is managed and trust enhance ...
Video thumbnail: How Procurement Teams Negotiate
Negotiating Across The Globe
ARTICLES: 17/03/2015
You've just landed. It's late. It's hot. Very hot. Immigration takes an age. Luggage takes long ...
Negotiating Joint Business Plans
ARTICLES: 19/02/2015
Joint business planning has become the recognised process embraced by many organisations as a means ...
Entrenched Positions
VIDEO: 14/12/2014
Head of Product, Alistair White explores the dangers of entrenched positions and how a skilled negot ...
Video thumbnail: Entrenched Positions
Trade Union Negotiation: Behavioural Choices
ARTICLES: 23/05/2014
Talk to most middle aged people about Trade Union negotiation and it immediately conjures up negativ ...

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