29 ottobre 2020

Webinar Series: Negotiating With AI

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Webinar Series: Negotiating With AI

 29 ottobre 2020

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Join the third webinar in our six-part series where we will explore and discuss if AI is the saviour or the big evil in the future of negotiation.

The Gap Partnership has developed a series of webinars that deep-dive into the future of negotiation. These sessions have one simple goal: to help you and your business understand what you need to do NOW in order to be prepared for what has already begun. 

Negotiation is one of the most crucial skills for successful businessman and a vital element for every company. We are convinced that in the future negotiations will become even more important. But what will negotiations in the future look like? What will change and what will stay the same?

One aspect that has rapidly changed and will keep evolving is our capability for processing data. Everyone and everything is connected and all of these interactions leave data trails. Accurate data is power and data is the foundation to use AI.

In this webinar, we’ll be focusing on what a company can do in order to use the power of AI in negotiations. We discuss how and when using AI is appropriate and we will explore and discuss if AI is the saviour or the big evil in the future of negotiation.

We will also provide practical tips on how to digitise the negotiation process, plus how to be prepared for the future of negotiation.

This is an approx. 60-minute webinar with a Q&A session run by experts of The Gap Partnership giving you the latest insides on negotiating with AI.

* Please note the timings of this event 14:00 CET (Central European Time)*

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Giovedì 29 ottobre 2020

2:00 - 3:00 

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