Il rimanere aggiornati sulle tendenze della negoziazione globale e le ultime teorie vi aiuterà a determinare il vostro successo. I nostri reports di ricerca e i nostri articoli vi mantengono aggiornati sugli attuali avvenimenti internazionali, alla luce di nuove ed entusiastiche prospettive negoziali. 

La rivista Negotiation Society: il numero sulla diversità

Emma Weare

luglio 2020

L'ultimo numero della rivista The Negotiation Society è incentrato sui temi della diversità, dell'inclusione e dell'appartenenza. Diversi esperti sia interni che esterni a The Gap Partnership ci espongono le loro valutazioni personali e professionali sull'argomento, oltre al ruolo svolto dalla capacità negoziale.

The new digital world post-Covid-19

Mark Mirra

giugno 2020

The inexorable rise of digital has now sky-rocketed to be front and centre of the world's consciousness, powering us through times of social distancing and quarantine.

Is it time for procurement teams to embrace AI?

Mark Mirra

giugno 2020

Procurement professionals are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to change the way they run their businesses. And, whilst we haven’t yet found ourselves in a world where a wire-veined adamantium humanoid is going to take our jobs, we have arrived at a place where technology could enhance nearly every action we take.

The gender and negotiation report: Executive summary

The Gap Partnership

giugno 2020

A global research study conducted by The Gap Partnership to deliver insight and learning into the role that gender plays in negotiation. This executive summary shares the headline findings from the research.

Gender differences: The way ahead

Serena Tittl

giugno 2020

Gender differences. Equality and gender bias. Diversity in the workplace. Regardless of your individual positions, these topics come loaded with personal connotations and elicit a plethora of emotions. But why?

Negotiating in a post-Covid-19 world

Scott Chepow

maggio 2020

An old friend of mine shared a meme yesterday depicting the movie Mad Max and asking, “When do we start wearing these outfits?” For the record, I hope never. But the meme provoked some thought as to how life will potentially change in a post-Covid-19 world.

We're only human, after all

Katherine Edgecombe

maggio 2020

The extraordinary time that we are currently living through focuses minds on the fragility of being human. Because what this current crisis is showing us all too clearly is that, as humans, we are vulnerable.

Covid-19’s impact on the aviation and travel industry

Hrvoje Zaric

aprile 2020

Consultant Hrvoje Zaric explores how the aviation and travel sectors will be hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

Making gender equality business as usual

Eva-Maria Baumer

aprile 2020

Although there is still work to be done in the fight for gender equality, there have been some fantastic initiatives that call for celebration. Eva-Maria Baumer, VP of Corporate Engagement at Mastercard, lays it on the line.