Il rimanere aggiornati sulle tendenze della negoziazione globale e le ultime teorie vi aiuterà a determinare il vostro successo. I nostri reports di ricerca e i nostri articoli vi mantengono aggiornati sugli attuali avvenimenti internazionali, alla luce di nuove ed entusiastiche prospettive negoziali. 

Negotiating in a post-Covid-19 world

Scott Chepow

maggio 2020

An old friend of mine shared a meme yesterday depicting the movie Mad Max and asking, “When do we start wearing these outfits?” For the record, I hope never. But the meme provoked some thought as to how life will potentially change in a post-Covid-19 world.

We're only human, after all

Katherine Edgecombe

maggio 2020

The extraordinary time that we are currently living through focuses minds on the fragility of being human. Because what this current crisis is showing us all too clearly is that, as humans, we are vulnerable.

Covid-19’s impact on the aviation and travel industry

Hrvoje Zaric

aprile 2020

Consultant Hrvoje Zaric explores how the aviation and travel sectors will be hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

Making gender equality business as usual

Eva-Maria Baumer

aprile 2020

Although there is still work to be done in the fight for gender equality, there have been some fantastic initiatives that call for celebration. Eva-Maria Baumer, VP of Corporate Engagement at Mastercard, lays it on the line.

Negotiating without a table

Drew Gallaher

aprile 2020

An in-depth look at how to approach negotiating when you aren't sitting across a table from your counter part. What is the impact of 'e-negotiating'? What is the best virtual platform to choose? What are the psychological implications and risks to avoid?

Is there a procurement negotiation gap?

The Gap Partnership

aprile 2020

Is procurement gradually losing the art of the deal? Are the negotiation capabilities of procurement professionals being eroded? Are sales teams gaining an upper hand in negotiations?

Diversity in non-diverse sectors, part two

Marina Falisi

marzo 2020

What does it take to ascend the corporate ladder when you work in a sector in which you are a minority, particularly at leadership level? We spoke to Tatiana Slepova, Director, UK Banking, HSBC, to find out her story.

How to maximise value during social distancing

Lloyd Barrett

marzo 2020

The closer you are physically to each other, the higher the degree of collaboration. So, how do we adjust in this new world where we plan and execute negotiations in social isolation?

I wish I’d know that about negotiating...

Marc Saris

febbraio 2020

Consultant Marc Saris looks back on his negotiation experience before joining The Gap Partnership and learning the different methodologies we apply to our consultancy projects. He discusses that experience and how he would do things differently knowing what he knows today.