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A live global debate: Is virtual learning more impactful than face-to-face learning?

Webinar|23 October 2020

Virtual learning has become the norm in this age of the pandemic. But does the boom in online training represent an exciting opportunity, or an unwanted necessity? Join expert consultants, senior executives, star debaters and leaders of the future as they go head to head in a live debate.

Gender in negotiation

Webinar|14 October 2020

This webinar presents the findings of The Gap Partnership's research that posed the question, "Do men and women negotiate differently?", and promises to offer insight, analysis, and learnings for all negotiators.

Webinar series: Virtual negotiation

Webinar |27 August 2020

The second webinar of our six-part series explores the effectiveness and tactical empathy in a virtual environment.

Webinar series: The future of negotiation

Webinar |06 August 2020

Our webinar series explores the future of negotiation - what will it look like, what tools and strategies will you need to succeed, and how can you prepare, now.

Strategic choices in digital negotiation

Webinar|09 July 2020

During this webinar we will discuss with you the possibilities, risks and pitfalls of digital negotiation and how you can use these medias strategically.

Gender in negotiation

London |09 July 2020

Join us for a relaxed facilitated discussion, it promises to provide insight, provoke debate and give attendees the opportunity to share experiences with their peers around the subject of negotiation.

Five tips to maximise negotiations while working from home

Webinar|21 May 2020

With more and more of us working from home, we share 5 simple tips and tricks to ensure that your negotiations aren't compromised as a result.

Negotiating in a virtual world

Webinar|23 April 2020

This webinar teaches the new rules, strategies and tactics that can help increase your confidence when negotiating virtually.

The emergence of AI in the world of negotiation

London|08 April 2020

Join us at this complimentary seminar in which we examine the emergence of A.I. in the world of negotiation, where we currently are, what the future might look like and critically, where the people you negotiate with are on that journey.